AUC and growing
up to 10M
Insured Coverage
(coming soon)
6-Layer Protections

ON1ON Custody is designed with a multi-layer architecture solution to safeguard clients' digital assets.

Hardware security
encrypted and isolated private key stored within institutional-grade HSM
Secure premises
offline cold wallet vault facility
Operational security
multi-authentication and approval process
Cyber security
firewalls, security gateways, intrusion detection system, and intrusion prevention system
Third party digital assets insurance
(coming soon)
Know-Your-Address/ Know-Your-Transaction Report
screen all incoming and outgoing addresses and funds for AML purposes
Fully regulated - TCSP

As a holder licensee of the Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) license under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance, ON1ON Custody not only offers an end-to-end digital asset custodian service, we are also subject to prevailing AML and CTF standards, both locally in HK and internationally as per FATF standards.

SOC 2 Compliant

ON1ON Custody has completed the AICPA SOC 2 certification Type 1, the highest standard for service organizations. ON1ON Custody is committed to completing the ongoing annual SOC 2 examination to uphold our service excellence. The SOC 2 examination is compliance standard that underpins a platform's control across security, system availability and privacy for service organizations.

AML Compliant

ON1ON Custody leverages automated systems to perform AML checks to best serve our global client base. As part of the client onboarding process, our in-house compliance specialists will conduct thorough customer due diligence and perform ongoing AML monitoring thereafter. ON1ON Custody closely monitors transactions, the day-to-day operations, internal governance, and wallet management as well as compliance to relevant regulatory ordinances and industry practices.

Insurance Coverage

ON1ON Custody is actively working with Hong Kong insurers to develop a bespoke proprietary solution to meet the specific needs of our users, offering coverage for: physical damage, alteration, corruption, distortion, theft (both internal and external), or destruction of digital assets directly caused by natural perils and other malicious acts non-malicious acts.


ON1ON Custody provides a one-stop solution for customers to earn passive income through staking of their assets. We help clients stake in their preferred network (given evolving token standards), simplify the staking process for users and minimize the need for users to manage the transfer of assets across different blockchain protocols and service platforms.

Supported Assets
(e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum)
Security tokens
(ERC-20/1400 tokens)
Ethereum-based DeFi
NFTs (ERC - 721/1155)

Start your journey here

Jun 2021
Alpha launch – supported Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Experience services with pre-registered privileged customers
Aug 2021
Updated with EIP-1559
  • Responded to Ethereum official update EIP-1559
Sep 2021
Beta launch
  • Widened authentication controls for customers’ best interests
Dec 2021
Expanded supporting assets
  • Added LINK, UNI, BNB, and more
  • Added security token standard support(ERC-1400)
Mar 2022
Production launch – listed 1st security token
  • Expanded to 175M AUM
Jun 2022
Supported for Polygon and added Ethereum-based NFT support
  • Supported ERC-721, ERC1155 NFTs
  • Added MATIC
Nov 2022
Support passive income earning for users
  • Beta launch staking services on Ethereum
Q1 2023
Facilitate leveraged earning for users
  • Beta launch the lending services for clients’ assets
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