ON1ON Wallet provides a secure wallet solutions for users to manage their digital assets - NFTs and cryptocurrencies. We aim to develop and build a product ecosystem that will support the growth and mainstream adoption of digital assets.

Almost no barriers for new joiners

We transform unfamiliar web 3.0 components into common web experiences. Everyone can signup and use ON1ON Wallet like they normally do with e-commerce platforms. All you have to do is remembering your login and password. Yet, we are unable to control your assets, the security remains and it is safe.

One-stop, experience most

We securely store your digital assets - both cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Not only do we start the journey with you, we also walk you through till the end, you can freely convert* between crypto and fiat on ON1ON Wallet. If you are interested in NFTs, you can also purchase NFTs from ON1ON verified and affiliated projects. *Coming soon

We have your back

A web 3.0 wallet comes with complex technical features like private key, recovery phrases etc. Losing any of them may lose all your digital assets. We eliminate these complexities and oversee them with our professional blockchain team for you, so you need not to worry. This also enable us to help you restore your account if needed.

Quick Start Guide
Register with email and password
Activate your account
Deposit crypto
Purchase verified NFTs

Create a wallet and start your NFT and crypto collection

Launch App
Nov 2021
Alpha launch – supporting Ethereum (ERC721)
  • Supported ERC721 and be the official Wallet provider of a Hong Kong based concert
Feb 2022
Supported ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155
  • Enabled users to store crypto and NFT
Apr 2022
Beta launch - supported NFT Marketplace
  • Seamless wallet integration for NFT Marketplaces
May 2022
Supported fiat on-ramp Services
  • Enabled cryptocurrencies purchase via Credit Card
Aug 2022
Official launch
  • Supported mainstream blockchain protocols
Oct 2022
Support Off-Ramp Fiat Services
  • Enable conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies
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